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Prof. Karl Born about

Until 2000 Karl Born worked as a board member at TUI and was responsible for the department Europe. He currently teaches at the Hochschule Harz in Germany in the field of Tourist Management. It is a special privilege and honor for us to receive a letter from Professor Born on October 30, 2007, in which he expressed his opinions on the value of Egypt as a tourist destination, as well as stressing the enormous importance of the information available on the internet at

Prof. Karl Born, October 30, 2007:
“In many countries, as well as Egypt, the state takes on the roll of marketing their own tourist destinations, documenting the number of tourists, creating new job/investment opportunities, and to monitor the currency exchange.

In Egypt, the tourist industry represents a principle source of income for the economy. Egypt as a land and in particular the region and city of Hurghada has been experiencing a tourist boom in recent years. However due the every increasing number of tourists, the image and information offered are quickly beginning to suffer. The availability of information about Hurghada plays a significant role in the decision making process of perspective tourists visiting the city. Unfortunately much of the information is quickly becoming out dated due to the ever developing tourist industry.

Several years ago Europe created the website in order to attract more attention to the less famous, but equally beautiful, regions of the continent and attract more tourists. The goal of this program was to organize and strengthen the tourist industry as well as to create an equal distribution of tourist numbers across the continent. Furthermore Germany has created a private organization entrusted with the task of marketing the countries tourist industry by creating the website, in addition the different states as well as many cities within Germany have created their own websites to promote the different regions of the country.

The timeliness, relevance, and usability of the websites contribute significantly to the awareness level of the destination. Several of the lesser developed countries, who are dependent on the tourist industry, have begun to create their own tourist destination websites, however a large portion offer only irrelevant or very general information, signaling a very poor tourist destination. The user will quickly realize that the website is poorly constructed, thus not returning and negating the reason for the sites existence.

Not to be discounted are the enormous operating costs in creating and maintaining such a significant project, that is why it is important to have an efficient plan when getting started which will ultimately contribute to the marketing success of the destination.

The initiative taken in creating shows me the great possibility for success that the company has in marketing Hurghada and Egypt as a whole without becoming any sort of a financial burden. The highly qualified and up to date information packages (offered in 5 different languages) are extremely user friendly due to the precise and logical design of the website. The site is a testament that Hurghada is becoming an internationally recognized and affordable tourist destination.

I hope that many companies in Egypt believe in the array of possibilities that technological advancements can do for the tourist industry; especially today, where most people find information about their next vacation destination online.

I personally feel that the website is very well presented and put together. I completely support Egypt as a tourist destination based on my several wonderful vacation experiences there. I would like to wish both Egypt and the website much success.” - Der Shisha Shop - XOrange IT Solutions & Dienstleistungen Oliver Teske
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