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Salam Aleikum to all Hurghada Fans and those who will be soon. In our web portal you'll find all kind of information and tips to be able to organize your next vacation in Hurghada directly from home. We hope you have a lot of fun while discovering Hurghada online on our sites and we wish you a wonderful and unforgettable vacation in Hurghada.

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Tip of the Month: August 2012

Mashrabiya is an Old-Islamic piece art with which the facade of the hotel of the same name in Hurghada is covered. The hotel Al Mashrabiyais our recommendation of the month because of its unique nice facade and its oriental atmosphere. We are glad to be allowed to present you detailed information about this amazing juwel of Hurghada.

Take a look at the profile of the Al Mashrabiya

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When Hurghada celebrates, the town starts rockin…
Football fever is spreading across Hurghada and infecting the entire country. The symptoms include, but are not limited to boisterousness, joy and a fantastic mood.

Hurghada Traffic – sensible system or simply chaos?
If you want to personally drive in Hurghada, or elsewhere in Egypt, you should familiarize yourself with the driving laws and the locals driving style because good and complete knowledge of the situation will lead to “relatively” relaxing driving….

Ramadan and it's heartfelt message
For millions of Muslims worldwide, the holy fasting month of Ramadan has begun and in the name of God, Muslims attempt personal growth through reflection, humbleness and charity.

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Prof. Karl Born about
Professor Karl Born, a former TUI board member for the department Europe, expresses his opinion about the website

Here you can read what he has to say ... - Der Shisha Shop - XOrange IT Solutions & Dienstleistungen Oliver Teske
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